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of the Munich Refugee Council told The Local. "So the club should react in every individual case when a women comes to them with a complaint, not make a blanket judgement. The nightclub writes that it faces a dilemma. But it says it is simply trying to protect its female clientèle. A bouncer at a German nightclub. However, the club sought to explain in its Facebook post that the it was not motivated by racism.

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A club in southern Germany has started ejecting refugees from its premises, leading to accusations of racism. But for Dipama there is a clear third alternative. The group had apparently done nothing wrong. On the one hand it could ignore the problem and face losing more and more of its old clientèle, as women become more reluctant to drink there. It would be bad enough if they treated people who came from one country as if they were all the same, Dipama said. "It was never an issue for us what religion, background or skin colour guests have.

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